About Ficus

Ficus Innovations adopt the mission to meet today’s needs in the textile industry with an inspiration it gets from the traditional methods. The needs of humankind have always been common around certain basic motives from the early ages. It was just the leaf of a fig tree that human first used to cover himself/herself. The story of Ficus Innovations, operating in the field of natural dyeing and printing in textiles, started with the inspiration it received from this ancient plant. Ficus Carica, i.e. fig, from the family of Moraceae, is a strong and ancient species that can survive under all conditions. Frequently featured even in the myths of creation Ficus Carica has a fertile, powerful and healing composition that nurtures numerous living creatures on earth, including the humans. The fig plant is vital to the ecological cycle and is called the “primary resource” by ecologists. As Ficus Innovations, we have adopted sustainable methods and an eco-friendly concept, in a way deserved by the plant we get inspire. Just as the fig is a plant thriving in all conditions and playing an active role in the ecosystem, our Ficus brand is today developing in line with the needs of the textile industry, meeting the demands on an industrial scale in natural dyeing, and securing the standardization in a completely natural and eco-friendly production. Ficus Innovations assumes an innovative role by combining the natural dyestuffs and ecological stabilizers with the color variety and high fastness in textiles while it assumes a high sense of responsibility for the future. In our production process, we use natural dyestuffs that we derive from the natural waste of the plants that cannot be consumed by humans; besides, the discharge water in the production process can be cleared of its color, directly released into the soil and used in gardening. While Ficus Innovations is inspired and nurtured by the nature at every stage of production, it always remembers to improve the nature. The fig plant, which has nourished many civilizations and has been included in the myths and stories, is also associated with wisdom. Ficus Innovations continues to continuously improve its unique natural dyeing and printing technique process, which it has created through the R&D works of many years. It offers a transparent and auditable service open to continuous improvement and innovation at every stage of production. Ficus Innovations renders the natural dyeing reproducible and plays a leading role in the textile industry that keeps shaping around covering the body, which is one of the basic needs of the mankind.